TabView 2.9

TabView 2.9 has just been released on the Mac App Store.

This update improves the way the loop selection function works, making it more precise and consistent with user expectations.

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alan supraner


I haven’t updated Tabview 2.4 because I thought that the newer versions disabled the ability to use the apple remote control, which I find convenient to use to maneuver programs when playing the guitar. I recall that there were software incompatibilities. Since I’ve never seen this mentioned anywhere else, I assume that this is not of much concern to anyone, but I was wondering if there were any changes in this situation or if there would be in the near future. At the moment, it seems that I just have to make sure never to accidentally hit the update button for your software.
Thanks for any response.
Alan Supraner


looking at the feedback I’ve received, it looks like almost noone misses the remote.

Problem is, Apple doesn’t seem inclined to let third party developers use it. At the moment, with recent OS X versions, there’s no way to support the remote in applications published in the Mac App Store.

Some developers have asked Apple to provide a better way to handle the remote (I’ve first filed a request back in 2008 (!) and it was already a duplicate back then…), but still they never deemed it worth of their efforts.

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