Beaming (grouping) notes

Let’s see how it’s possible to change the rules which define the way notes are beamed together in Tablatures.

Tablatures allows to change the beaming pattern on a per-bar basis. The pattern is defined in the Time Signature page of the barline properties sheet:

Beaming Pattern
Editing the beaming pattern (click to enlarge)

There you would enter the number of 8th notes to group together. In the example, you can see that entering 2 will result in groups of four 16th notes (which are equivalent to two 8th notes).

When you add a new barline, Tablatures will automatically copy the settings of the previous bar.

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Rob Scrase


How do you add a new bar line? I am having difficulty keeping time between two staffs (for two guitars).


You can add a bar line using the Barline checkbox in the Musical Symbols Panel (or using its keyboard shortcut: f).

If you have timing problems, you might want to make sure your different parts have all the same duration, eg. adding any required rest sign.

If I wasn’t clear enough, feel free to send me the tab you’re having trouble with at

Juan Pablo


Hi everyone I have a question: How do you Separate group notes? When I write four 16th and two 8th they are all beam together like one beat instead of two beats like it should be… Thank you very much!!


to get that result, enter 2 in the first box of the beaming pattern (see image above). That means “beam together the notes equivalent to 2 8th notes”.

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